The ordering process is a little clunky, especially if ordering a variety of images and sizes.  Hopefully these Ordering directions will help

For one image:

In the gallery click on the image you want to order. 

It will open a large view of the photo and on the top right of the screen you will see a shopping cart that’s says “Buy”. 

Click the cart, and you will get a drop down menu.  Click “Select Product

It will then take you to a screen asking what type of product you want to order:

  • Prints – all sizes from Wallets to 12x18”
  • Downloads – to get a low resolution copy of the image for use on Facebook, Email etc.,
  • Photo Books – to order a variety of images all put together into a book.
  • Specialty – includes buttons, keychains and magnets
  • Memorabilia – Includes prints with two images on them and a sports theme border (called Memory Mates); your selected image printed as a magazine cover; trading cards and sports tickets printed with your selected image.

Select the type of product, adjust the crop (where does the image get cut off).  Then save the item to the cart.


For Multiple Images:

Click the Select image button on top right of screen in the gallery view

Click on each image you want to select.

Then click the “Buy” shopping cart icon – the drop down menu will give you the option to buy the same size/type of item for all of the selected images;  or you can save the images  for “later”.

If you select save for later, you will have a small line of text show up on the top left of the gallery area saying “favorites”.  Click the “Edit selected for purchase” and it will show those images and you can order individual items as above – but the “Buy” button is now in the top center of the gallery view screen.